About Us

Precision Graph-Tech Inc. has been servicing the printing industry since 1992. Our technical background includes factory training on Miller, Man-Roland, Komori, and Heidelberg printing presses. Throughout our years of providing technical support, we have accumulated an extensive inventory of new, used and reconditioned parts for many of the major brands. We continue to purchase excess parts from printing auctions, printers and through our network of technical colleagues who have large inventories of hard to find parts. In today's challenging economy we realize many manufacturers have discontinued manufacturing parts for older machines and they are charging astronomical pricing for the newer machines. With our background in the technical side we see the need to be able to supply our customers with high quality parts for a reasonable price. From our experience we have found many parts can be reconditioned and  then put back into service - bringing another cost saving option forward to our customers. Our exchange program will provide you with a better-than-factory quality part, as we well know first hand many parts are designed with a limited life span rating. How else will the manufacturers profit from you if they make their parts too good? We believe the opposite, if we improve the part by using better and stronger materials then we create a win/win for our customers and us. 

Our latest strategic position has been to purchase older machines, dismantle all of the useable parts, recondition electronic components through our electronic specialists, rebuild assemblies such as gripper bars, delivery bars, perfecting units, ink fountains etc. As we grow there will be a larger more extensive inventory to help satisfy the demand. We see this as an important aspect of the printing industry which no one has offered before. We are here to help support and maintain our customers through fair pricing & prompt service.